Restoring our abandoned blog, like rehabbing an old house.

This blog has been essentially vacant since mid-2013. In fact, neighborhood kids tell tales about it and have stopped trying to retrieve their lost balls and frisbees from its front yard. For that, we apologize.  While we haven’t been actively blogging, we have been continually working on Sharehammer and trying to build the best tool rental/sharing site on the planet.

However, in the next few months we’re gonna have a lot to tell you. We have a slew of new features under development, ready to launch soon. And you’ll begin to see Sharehammer as a much more visible presence in more communities as we expand the number of cities we are actively operating in.

So like an old house with “great bones” we’re restoring this blog so we can keep you up to date on all the things happening with Sharehammer and maybe provide you with some home improvement tips and inspiration. Welcome back kids — we’re now the blog that hands out “full size” candy bars on Halloween.